Friday, August 6, 2010

Update: Selling Things Online

So I sold a Bratz doll house, that I bought at a yard sale a year and a half ago for $5, yesterday via craigslist.  In all honest, my daughter played with it when we got it, but she just doesn't play with it that much anymore because it isn't a real house like her other doll house.  We listed it for $10.  We met the lady at a grocery store by our house, as not wanting to sell from our house for security reasons.  The lady showed up with a $100 bill.  I explained that I didn't have change and she said she felt really bad but had been in such a hurry.  She proceeded to go inside to get change from the register.  I guess they told her she had to buy something no matter what, so she grabbed the first thing in site, a big family size box of Hot Pockets.  She came out, gave me my money and I gave her the item.  She then asked if we eat Hot Pockets and gave us the box of Hot Pockets.  hahaha  So we got the $10 + a family size pack of Hot Pockets, with an item that I bought for $5.  Pretty good to me.  :)

We have a huge collection of Little People toys.  Frankly, I think my son is really growing out of that stage.  Seeing as how he'll be three at the end of the year, I decided it was time to let them go since he doesn't play with them anymore really.  I didn't know how to price it all since there was so much stuff.  I originally posted it for $120.  I decided later on that that is way too much.  So I later came back and listed it at $75.  It is a lot of stuff as you can see.

Most of the items were purchased from yard sales.  Some were given from friends who's kids had outgrown that stage.  And, before I had mastered the art of yard saling, I went and bought two brand new play sets which were really expensive compared to yard sale hunting.  One of those items, I am letting my son keep because he does play with it with his toy cars (the Little People garage).  The other of the "new" items was the barn.  I bought both of the new items  for $20 each on a major sale at Target.  So I really just wanted to make sure I didn't exactly lose money in the selling process, if that makes much sense.  Yard sale shopping isn't free either, so I had to make sure it was a decent price as well.  So $75 was a good price I thought.  I could have broken the sets down, but I really just want the stuff out of the house to make room.  I got a few emails today for the Little People items.  A lady is supposed to meet me at the grocery store tonight after work to purchase all of it.  It will be a relief to get it out of the house.  Looking forward to it  :)


  1. Wowo1 You did have a lot of little people stuff! Awesome that you got $75 for it all. So much easier than piecing it out. Isn't it nice to also be rid of that many little things? LOL!


  2. Yes, it felt awesome to be able to get rid of them. The kids weren't upset at all over us selling them. It didn't even seem to phase them. Happy to be decluttering.