Friday, August 13, 2010

If Money Wasn't An Issue

If money wasn't an issue, what would you do in life?  Where would you be?  Would you change a lot about your life?  If someone handed you 200 million dollars with no strings attached and said it was all yours to do whatever you wanted with, what would you do?  Just a little fun here. 

If money wasn't an issue, I don't think I would live in the city.  I think I would want to start a farm.  I know that might sound kind of funny to some people, but I would like to be self sufficient.  I would grow my own foods, have my own cows, pigs, chickens and everything.  Okay so I WOULD have to hire someone to kill the animals when it came to slaughtering for meat and such, because there is NO way I could bare to do it myself.  And since money isn't an object here, then I could do that, right?  ;) 

On my farm I would have LOTS of fruit trees and lots of big shade trees by the house in order to shade the house during the summer, elminating wasted money on wasted air conditioning.  The fruit from the trees would be picked and canned, and of course savored straight from the tree when some hungry people decide to eat them, mmmmm.  Peaches, pears, apples, pamagranites, grapes, nectarines, apricots, and everything. 

My kids would have plenty of space to be kids!  They would be outside.  And I think they would be much happier.  Climbing trees, lots of space to run around, enjoying the good outdoors, animals, hard work, and life.  I have to tell you guys that my kids don't play outside too much.  It is way too hot outside in the summer, and our yard isn't very large and we have one single tree but it doesn't do much for shading them when playing.  So I think it would be a much healthier atmosphere.  And of course they would be helping with the chores in the house, with the animals, picking fruits and veggies, yard work, and whatever else is needed.

The house itself would have a large basement with a large storage room for my attempt at a huge food storage.  I would work on getting a food storage set up and continue to add to it constantly.  The basement would have a large open space with a tv and large sectional couch.  The kitchen would be large, as that is where many memories are made while cooking.  The house would be spacious, but not :"show offish".  Just big enough to have a couple extra bedrooms in case someone comes to visit, or finds themself in tough times and needs somewhere to stay.

In addition to having a farm, I would definitely help those in need.  With the current recession, there are so many people out of work and in need.  So there would be plenty of help to those in need!

And since I would be so rich, could I possibly BUY me a husband?  hahahahah 

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