Thursday, August 12, 2010

Food Prices

Is it just me, or have the food prices continued to climb?  I know I shouldn't be shocked, but with all the commercials with grocery stores proving that they are doing "rollbacks" and such, I guess I was a little shocked to notice quite a few prices climbing.  For cereal in our household, we purchase the big Malt-O-Meal-like cereal, only it isn't Malt O Meal.  It is Kroger brand.  It is always $2.98 for the huge back.  We ran into the store to get cereal and a few other provisions, and the price jumped in less than a month to $3.20.  I know that most people are thinking, are you kidding me?  You're complaing over 22 measly cents?  Well over the length of a year, that 22 cents is a bit of change.  We buy about 2 or 3 bags a month I think.  My kids like them for breakfast, snacks (who can keep a 2 year old quiet during church without them??), dinners sometimes (not normally but sometimes that is what they beg for), and I bring a bag over to my grandma's for the kids to enjoy there as well.  So say 3 bags a month @ .22 x 12 months = $15.84 That is just an example of cereal alone.

I noticed a few other things that we typically buy, and saw that they too had gone up.  :(  This whole food storage idea I need to get working on.  If they keep jumping in price more often, that will be money saved in the end.

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