Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The topic of paying an honest tithe might sound a little silly when speaking about frugality.  I am sure some of you might be thinking, "How in the heck can someone manage to pay tithing when they are trying to save money?"  I know for fact that tithing brings more to our lives.  As a single mom, I have battled with the tithing topic myself.  "If I don't pay tithing, then I can afford ______________."  The past two years I have stuck with paying an honest and true tithing.  I knew that it was time. 

I was at my friends house one day and he was asking how I could justify paying tithing when I am a single mom and my kids have needs.  I immediately replied, "How can I NOT???"  He just looked at me stunned.  You see since paying tithing, I believe that we are more blessed than we were when we weren't.  When I write all my bills and expenses down and compare against my income, it doesn't jive.  It doesn't look like I have enough to pay for our needs.  But somehow it happens. 

Recently I posted about the clothing exchange and how happy we were to receive school clothes for my daughter.  I have to admit that I didn't tell you guys ALL the details.  Sorry.  As it happened, I was wondering how in the heck I was going to be able to afford to buy her clothes based on our income.  For some reason it seemed all these bills that weren't expected came in.  I immediately felt defeated.  Should I not pay tithing so I could pay for school clothes?  Should I just do it this one time?  Come on it wouldn't hurt would it?  I decided I needed to pay tithing anyways.  Yes, that money could come in handy but I know that it is better to pay tithing.  That night I prayed that we would be provided for and that we'd be able to afford to buy both kids clothes.  That same exact week my friend emailed me inviting me to go to the clothing exchange.  And as luck would have it my friend brought over all these clothes for my son.  Coincidence?  I think NOT. 

I told my friend this and he just sat there in shock, and immediately told me, "Sassy you're right.  Keep paying your tithing.  That is pretty neat.  And you need to tell that story to the people at your church because that is an awesome story."  Sorry buddy I don't like to get up and talk in church.  hahaha  But I will tell my friends on my blog here.  :)  There are so many ways we have been blessed from paying tithing other than just the clothes. 

From a financial standpoint, I think it is a wise choice too.  Not that I do it for this reason, but you also are able to claim your tithing on your taxes.  I am greatful for the opportunity to pay tithing.  I feel so incredibly blessed.

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