Thursday, December 16, 2010

Healthier Eating

In an effort to stretch dollars, and obviously for convenience reasons, we don't eat the healthiest.  We were eating dinner last night at the table.  My daughter was playing with her noodles as she slowly ate.  Truth of the matter, we were eating Ramen noodles.  I am not better than eating cheap foods.  Some people refuse to touch the stuff.  I am perfectly fine with it. 

It got me thinking last night though.  I need to focus on feeding my kids better food.  The problem is:  MONEY.  Is it just me, or is all healthy food expensive?  It just seems that prices just keep increasing on everything.  I need to focus more on feeding my kids healthy and filling foods, while keeping our food budget down.  What a toss up this is.  Yes, it is very important to feed them healthier foods.  But when it is just you providing for the family, it sure is hard spending more on food.  How do you stretch a dollar and feed your family heatlhy meals?  How much do you spend on average per month on groceries?  What do you tend to feed your family?

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  1. My kids are super picky, but they WILL eat fruits like bananas (super cheap), canned mandarin oranges (just about 50c at Walmart) and applesauce (HUGE jars at Walmart for $1.50). Anything with pasta sauce, like spaghetti, will have great veggie values per 1/4 cup. One of my kids' favorites is the Macaroni Grill Basil Chicken meal, they are about $3 for the box (by Hamburger helper) and you buy chicken separately, it is DELISH! Any of those kinds of dinners would be great, you can always get meat for a good deal. Check out the meat dept right after they close, some don't regrind meat, so they sell it at a heavily discounted price. I can get ground beef for $1.50 a lb. On average, I keep it under $100 a week for 4 of us. It works with our budget and super picky family. Have you started using coupons at all? I would highly recommend it!! The more money you save on the basics will allow you to save for some good healthy food :)