Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Little Things

I am so thankful for all the wonderous blessings I hae been given.  Sometimes it takes you hitting rock bottom and being so beyond down in the dumps to realize just how good you have it.  The past couple months I have been miserable.  It just seems that everything is going wrong.  I try so hard to have a positive outlook on things and hope for the best, but I clearly haven't had that mentality lately.

I could go ranting about how terrible life is, but it isn't.  I am blessed to have two healthy and loving kids, a safe roof over our heads, food to eat, transportation, feedom of speech, freedom of religion, job, clothes on our backs, having been taught frugality at a young age, a high school education, and numerous other things. 

It really is about the little things in life.  At times we might not care to remember that, but it is sooo true.  The other night I was thinking how grateful I was for my bathroom.  Now to someone that might just sound stupid to be thankful for a bathrobe.  When you aren't running the heat in your home, and you get out of the shower and have a nice, thick bathrobe to cover your cold body, that IS something to be thankful for. 

My bathrobe was found at that Catholic Church rummage sale a couple months ago.  They informed us that you could take an entire bag or box of stuff for $5.00  You better believe I wanted to make my money stretch.  I was intently looking for hoodies and such when I found the robe.  It is thick and nice.  XL size, so it is nice and big.  Really, it is perfect.  I definitely brought it home and ran it through the washer (2 cycles if you must know the truth).  Had I not found it there, at such a great price, I wouldn't own a Bathrobe. 

I don't know how much they usually run for, but this isn't made of flimsy material.  This is thick, towel material.  I do enjoy being satisfied with the little things in life.  Remember that someone always has it worse off than you. 

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