Saturday, December 11, 2010

Weekend Yard Sale Finds

I was driving down the street this morning and spotted a yard sale.  Yes, I am a complete sucker when it comes to yard sales, thrift stores and garage sales, as you should probably be able to tell by now.  Typically, I drive by a yard sale and scope it out through the window and see if there is anything worthwhile for me to get my lazy butt out of the car.  If I think the yard sale is worth actually checking out, then I get out.  So I decided it looked worth me getting out of the car to check out.  I am so excited that I did get out. 

The first thing I saw, which made me want to jump and down for complete and udder joy, was this: 

 Pucci Pup
You have to know that my daughter has been eyeing these at the stores for a while now.  When we go to the stores, I let them look at the toy section, knowing that it is only to look, not purchase.  This is the first thing she goes and looks at.  If I hadn't told my kids ahead of time that they could only ask Santa for 2 presents from Santa, I am definitely sure she would have asked for one.  They go for about $20-$22 plus tax at the stores.  It comes complete with a bag to carry the puppy, a pink leash, and a fake bone thingy.  I scored this baby for only $2!!! Needless to say, I was extremely excited with my find.  The best part of all is my kids were at Grandpapa's house, so I was able to purchase it without my daughter knowing it.  I can already imagine her face when she receives this.  Knowing that she has been eagerly eyeing a Pucci Pup for a while now, I am extremely happy that I found this. 

Next I found a Barbie Horse.  

They let me have this for $1. Definitely a great buy if you ask me. My daughter will be happy with this. It doesn't look very played with, just like the Pucci Pup. You see I had a discussion with the guy selling this stuff. He informed me that his daughter is 11 and doesn't believe in Santa anymore. He also said how his kids get bored too easily with toys and items. Knowing that these are hardly even used or loved, made them that more wanted by me. hahaha Not that that typically makes a difference to me, but they really are in awesome condition.

What kind of Mommy would I be without scoring an awesome deal for my Little Man? 

He loves Nerf guns. He's definitely a boy, through and through. This was complete with some of the shooter bullet thingamajiggers. What better price than $1.00??? That is a great price if you ask me. I'm sure he is going to be excited and knowing my luck, I will get shot at when I am least expecting it.

All in a days' work.  $4 total for all 3 of these items.

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