Thursday, December 30, 2010

In My Next 25 Years

I just realized that I will be 25 in about a month!  I am getting so old.  I look around noticing how blessed I have been in my first 25 years of life (well ALMOST 25 years for me ;)  ).  I wont look in the past thinking of mistakes I have made or things I would have changed, because all the choices I have made have made me who I am.  I wouldn't be ME without my past though. 

In 25 years from now, I hope I look back and am happy with where I am.  In 25 years I will be 50.  That sounds sooooooooo OLD!  That Tim McGraw song runs through my head in my next ___ years. 

In my next 25 years, I hope for many changes in my life. 
  • I hope to be happily married to Mr. Right.  :)  Let's hope at least
  • I hope to be a stay at home mommy.  Maybe having grandbabies by then.  Who knows. 
  • I hope to be happy and content.
  • I hope to be healthy.
  • I hope to have many friends
  • I hope I will still be close to my family.
  • Above all things, I hope my kids are happy and well.  That is what I live for.  THEM.

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